A Comment on Bagless Vacuums

If you don’t have allergies pets or children a bagless vacuum can be a good choice. But, if you have kids, allergies or pets, you definitely need the extra cleaning provided by a bagged vacuum. Keep in mind that the company with the best marketing department doesn’t necessarily manufacture the best vacuum.

Bagless vacuums give the illusion that they are picking up lots of dirt. They do this by spinning and aerating the dirt (much like sugar is spun into cotton candy).  The reality is I have never seen a bagless vacuum that has the cleaning power of a quality bagged vacuum.

One extremely popular brand of bagless vacuums sells pet vacuums cheap jordans 4 sale. As a vacuum repairman I can tell you the difference between their regular vacuum and their pet vacuum. Basically the only difference is the sticker that says Pet Vacuum on the front of the vacuum.

When you are looking at a vacuum, look at the number of visible parts. If you accidentally knock over your vacuum or drop it down the stairs (as many people do), there can be a lot of very expensive parts that break off. The more little parts, the more expensive the vacuum will be to repair.

The major manufacturer of bagless vacuums uses a ball system that is held together by little plastic tabs. When opening the ball to get at the motor you need to detach a dozen little plastic tabs. As the plastic ages the tabs get brittle and tend to snap off jordan 6. This turns a burnt out motor into a ball replacement which can double the cost of the repair.

The majority of my customers are concerned about allergies and every time you click the button to drop out the dust you release a wave of dust into the air to settle around your house. You can get around this by always emptying your dust trap outside, but is that realistic? In short, bagged vacuums are better for people with allergies, pets or children and provide superior cleaning.

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