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Oreck Magnesium Joins the Affordable Vacuum Line-up

The new Oreck Magnesium vacuum is very light. The Magnesium comes almost completely assembled; you just have to attach the handle, which doesn’t require tools and takes about ten seconds. The machine feels solid and the new blue color is electric! Because of the powerful brush roller; the vacuum propels itself. The HEPA bag ensures that the dirt and dust that gets vacuumed up doesn’t get released back into the air. The Magnesium has an auto shut-off for when you accidentally suck up a sock or shoelace.

The Magnesium is excellent at cleaning; even on the toughest challenge of all: dog hair. There is no need to change settings when going from hardwood to carpet. When laid flat, the Magnesium can slide completely underneath beds for easy cleaning. And, the Magnesium works very well on the new super dense soft carpets.

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What is dust?

In short, dust is composed of all the decomposing disgusting things you can imagine and more. Dust is composed of dead skin cells, hair, animal fur, chemicals, metals, animal dander, cigarette ash, pollution, dried feces from various sources and the rotting corpses of dust mites and other bugs. Dust is also composed of fabric fibers, lint, concrete, plaster, ashes, soot, soil, fertilizer, plants and pollen. Additionally dust may include particles of cheese doodles, corn chips, potato chips and cookie crumbs. The more food crumbs in your house, the more insects the crumbs attract, which creates more decomposing bug dust. Dust may also contain lead, arsenic, bug killer, weed killer, mold and other chemicals.

Many people suffer from allergies to house dust, animal dander or pollen. Dust mites also cause an allergic reaction in many people. Dust mites are not generally visible, except with a microscope; they eat dead skin cells and live in bedding, carpets and soft furnishings (sofa and chairs). After a year of use any piece of soft furniture has dust mites.

Grossed out? Me too! So what can we do about dust, dust mites and dust bunnies?

House dust can become airborne easily. Care is required when removing dust to avoid releasing it back into your home. Be sure to dust the ceilings and especially the corners of your rooms. Look out for hidden dust collectors like the tops of curtains, venetian blinds and knick knacks. Be sure to vacuum under and behind furniture. Once or twice a year empty cabinets and drawers and clean them thoroughly. There are special new duster products that trap and hold the dust, use them. They are worth the extra cost.  If you are using a bagless vacuum, STOP! Bagless vacuums do not trap the dust. When you vacuum with a bagless vacuum, the dust redeposits on your furniture and floors. Use a vacuum that has a certified HEPA filter to trap up to 99.97% of dust.

No one needs much convincing about the wisdom of getting rid of decomposing bugs and dead skin cells, and the good news is that about 90% of it can be removed simply by cleaning floor dust with a good quality vacuum.

It goes without saying that your home will never be entirely dust-free, but there are ways to reduce the dust and allergens in your environment.  Your health depends on it.

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For the month of August Affordable Vacuum will be offering a minimum trade-in value of $50 on the purchase of a SEBO X4 or X5 vacuum.

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Introducing the Pooch Power Shovel (poop scooper vacuum)

Introducing the Pooch Power Shovel

The Pooch Power Shovel is a more than a lightweight cordless power tool; it’s the next generation in pooper-scooper technology. Whether you have a small Maltese or other dogs up to 80 lbs, the Pooch Power Shovel can handle all of your dog’s presents.

Watch the video to see how this amazing technology works:

Pooch Power’s poop scooper has a groundbreaking design that makes cleanup easy by vacuuming waste directly into a specially designed biodegradable plastic bag. The strong electrically charged motor can conveniently bag one mess at a time or clean up the whole yard.

The Pooch Power System includes:

  • Cordless Pooch Power Shovel
  • 10 Pooch Power Bags
  • Recharging Unit
  • 1 year warranty on all parts

You’ll never have to bend and grab or mess with a dirty shovel again!

Power Behind a Unique Design

  • 4.25 pounds
  • Robust 22,000 rpm motor
  • Rechargeable battery can remove up to 150 pieces per charge
  • Pick up waste daily or up to a weeks worth at one time
  • Vacuum suction leaves cleaner grass with less residue
  • No dirty tools or shovels laying around your yard

Pooch Power Replacement Bags

Replacement Bags for the Pooch Power Shovel and Power Picker.

Available in the following quantities:

  • 25 bags
  • 50 bags
  • 100 bags

$ 109.99  and in stock in the store


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Hovercraft Instructions

1. Take your sheet of plywood and cut it so it is a 4 ft. diameter disk.

2. Drill a hole the size of the hose or outlet of your air source (vacuum exhaust, leaf blower)

3. Cover one side of the plywood with plastic sheeting (use a 10 mil. Plastic drop cloth or shower curtain) allowing the edge of the plastic to overlap onto the other side of the board.

4. Place your plastic lid in the center of the disk over the plastic sheeting and screw or bolt it into the plywood. Staple the plastic edges to the other side of the disk.

5. Seal the edges and staples with duct tape. Make sure no air can escape through the tape.

6. Carefully cut six 2 inch evenly spaced circles 2 inches away from the center of the disk into the plastic sheeting

7. Place the air source over the hole in disk so it blows air through the hole. You can duct tape it in place.

8. Be sure to place the hovercraft on a very smooth surface for best results

9. You can now ride your new hovercraft. It will hold between 160 and 200 pounds.

10. Attach a piece of strong nylon string to the front of your hovercraft to tether it or so that someone can steer you.

11. Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work with no one in it. Body weight makes it work better

12. Have fun!


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The new Miele S8 line

The Miele Kona, has a height-adjustable power brush, parquet twister floor brush for wood and tile floors and six-speed suction control with foot-tap adjustment. It is safe to use for all types of floors, rugs and carpets. New Features include a bumper strip to protect the furniture, one touch cable rewind, deluxe handle and roller brush. The color is very powerful looking obsidian black.

The Kona delivers Miele’s signature performance and unparalleled vacuuming power as needed by people who suffer from allergies. A good selection of included tools coupled with the legendary Miele cleaning ability will make the Kona the vacuum of choice for even the largest of homes. Due to its allergy conscious design the Kona provides a cleaner home and cleaner air. The AirClean system features 12 stage filtration that has been independently certified to capture 99.99% of all particles 0.3 microns or larger – a big plus for allergy and asthma sufferers alike. Regardless of your cleaning needs, the Kona provides a clean that you can see and one that your lungs will thank you for!

Miele Kona S8390 Vacuum Cleaner’s Features

  • The AirClean System – features 12 stage filtration (9 ply filterbag, pre-motor filter, HEPA filter with Generally Activated Charcoal and a post-motor filter). With a sealed system, Miele vacuums have been independently tested to filter at least 99.99% of particles 0.3 particles and larger. This means the Kona actually cleans the air you breathe and doesn’t simply blow allergens back into your indoor air.
  • The 9-ply G/N AirClean dust bag can hold up to 4.76 quarts and traps the vast majority of particles and allergens.
  • The workhorse 1200 Watt Miele Vortex Motor provides powerful suction and is encapsulated to further reduce sound.
  • Each Kona is rigorously tested to last an average of 20 years residential use*, and individually tested prior to leaving the factory floor.
  • The redesigned Miele S8 series made things easier through the addition of foot control buttons. You can clean, adjust suction and even retract the cord (with the upgraded One-Touch cord rewind) all without having to bend over.
  • Taking the bumper strip even further, the Miele Kona has a raised bumper that better protects your vacuum and furniture from the bumps and bangs of everyday vacuuming.
  • An easily visible Dust bag change indicator alerts you to replace the dust bag.
  • Safety Shut-Off prevents the motor from overheating in the event that a damaging item is sucked up.
  • The Miele Kona is weighs only 11 lbs. It is almost 20% lighter than its predecessor, the Calisto.
  • The Deluxe Ergonomic Handle Assembly allows for a comfortable cleaning motion while the integrated brushroll controls put complete control of the vacuum at your fingertips.
  • The Kona has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.
  • The Stainless Steel Telescopic Wand fully extends and retracts for exceptional above-the-floor cleaning reach.
  • The Miele Kona comes with two floor tools to provide complete floor cleaning – the SEB 228 Powerbrush with height adjustment and smooth movement, ideal for carpeting of all types, and for hardwood, tile, linoleum, Pergo and other laminate, the SBB 300-3 Parquet Floor Tool.
  • Fitting neatly under the S8 Kona’s hood are a Crevice Tool for tight spaces, Dusting Brush for delicate cleaning, and Upholstery Tool for furniture and curtains is included.
  • Seven Year Warranty on the motor and body casing and a One Year Warranty on parts and labor.

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