What is better, a canister vacuum or upright vacuum?
One is no better than the other, it all depends what you are use to and what you have grown up with. Canisters are ususally better for homes with stairs and uprights are often preferred for single level homes. The important thing is that one doesn’t clean better than the other.

What is a HEPA filter and how much do they really help?
A HEPA filter is a very fine filter. HEPA filters reduce the amount of dust that escapes from the vacuum. Some HEPA filters reduce dust down by 99.9%. For someone with allergies  that’s a big difference.

What’s your favorite food?
Hamburgers. Well, also cookies… You know, around the holidays.

Do you have a special recommendation for people with allergies?
If you have allergies you want a sealed HEPA filter, meaning that no dust can get past the HEPA filter.

What do you look for in a good vacuum?
A good warranty, available repair parts and someone that can do the repairs.

Who the heck decided to put to U’s in the word Vacuum?
Some punk… Words with two U’s bother the heck out of me.

Do you know of any other words that use 2 U’s
Vacuums, Vacuumed and Vacuuming…. Oh, and Duumvirate – A coalition of two persons holding the same office.

How many passes of a vacuum cleaner does it take to clean carpet?
It depends on the amount of buildup is on the carpet. Pet hair is different than sand, bare floors are different than plush carpet. In some cases you need a good strong power head to pull the dirt out in other cases you need a good quality horse hair bare floor brush. For allergies, it is recommended that you vacuum at least once a week for 30 to 45 minutes. A review of your particular situation will help me direct you to the most effective vacuum for your situation.

What is your best-selling vacuum?
I don’t have just one best selling vacuum. I carry a varied selection of good quality vacuums to meet individual needs and preferences. Overall Miele is my best selling brand.

What attachments do you recommend?
Most vacuums come with similar attachments included at no extra charge. In some cases a hand held turbo head comes in handy for stairs and furniture, but for the most part the pieces you need come with the vacuum.

How many fingers am I holding up?

Which is better Bag or Bagless
Bag every time. Bagless machines don’t protect the user and they don’t protect the machine. When you empty the bagless machine you generally release some of the dirt back into the air. In a vacuum there is normally a piece of foam that stops the dirt from getting into the motor, but over time the dirt works its way through the filter and can decrease the efficiency of the motor. The bagless vacuum companies say that you should replace the filter every 3-6 months, but most people forget. It’s much easier to replace the bag each time. If you have pets, odors may get impregnated into a bagless machine, releasing an unpleasant odor as you vacuum. You can’t get rid of the odor in a bagless machine without a professional cleaning. When you have a bagged machine, changing the bag will give you a fresh machine (occasionally the machine will need a thorough cleaning to get rid of a tough odor).

What about words that start with V, you have any problem with them?
No, no problem with them, except vespiary which is another word for a wasps nest. I hate wasps; they are the worst.


4 Responses to FAQ

  1. jennifer

    What can I do to my vacuum cleaner to get it ready for the Mayan Apocalypse???

    • admin

      I am so glad you asked; I have a plan that I think will work.
      1. Invite all of your friends and neighbors to your house
      2. Ask guests to bring their vacuums
      3. Build a giant hover craft
      4. Gather two of every animal
      5. Go to the store and stock up on elephant chow and chocolate chip cookies
      6. Throw some other food supplies in the cart
      7. Don’t forget the air freshener
      8. Serve your guests a last meal of Aunt Mary’s famous lasagna
      9. Make a heartfelt toast to all of your friends and loved ones
      10. Escape the apocalypse in your hover craft
      If my plan works, we are holding a meeting of all apocalypse survivors in Times Square (NYC) for New Years 2013.

  2. Hi Dan
    Do you install central vac?

    • admin

      Hi Lynn,
      Yes we install central vacuums in new home construction. We also repair and perform maintenance on central vacuums that are already installed. We do not install central vacuums in existing homes. Please give me a call if you have any questions.
      Best regards,

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