Hovercraft Instructions

1. Take your sheet of plywood and cut it so it is a 4 ft. diameter disk.

2. Drill a hole the size of the hose or outlet of your air source (vacuum exhaust, leaf blower)

3. Cover one side of the plywood with plastic sheeting (use a 10 mil. Plastic drop cloth or shower curtain) allowing the edge of the plastic to overlap onto the other side of the board.

4. Place your plastic lid in the center of the disk over the plastic sheeting and screw or bolt it into the plywood. Staple the plastic edges to the other side of the disk.

5. Seal the edges and staples with duct tape. Make sure no air can escape through the tape.

6. Carefully cut six 2 inch evenly spaced circles 2 inches away from the center of the disk into the plastic sheeting

7. Place the air source over the hole in disk so it blows air through the hole. You can duct tape it in place.

8. Be sure to place the hovercraft on a very smooth surface for best results

9. You can now ride your new hovercraft. It will hold between 160 and 200 pounds.

10. Attach a piece of strong nylon string to the front of your hovercraft to tether it or so that someone can steer you.

11. Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work with no one in it. Body weight makes it work better

12. Have fun!


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