Introducing the Pooch Power Shovel (poop scooper vacuum)

Introducing the Pooch Power Shovel

The Pooch Power Shovel is a more than a lightweight cordless power tool; it’s the next generation in pooper-scooper technology. Whether you have a small Maltese or other dogs up to 80 lbs, the Pooch Power Shovel can handle all of your dog’s presents.

Watch the video to see how this amazing technology works:

Pooch Power’s poop scooper has a groundbreaking design that makes cleanup easy by vacuuming waste directly into a specially designed biodegradable plastic bag. The strong electrically charged motor can conveniently bag one mess at a time or clean up the whole yard.

The Pooch Power System includes:

  • Cordless Pooch Power Shovel
  • 10 Pooch Power Bags
  • Recharging Unit
  • 1 year warranty on all parts

You’ll never have to bend and grab or mess with a dirty shovel again!

Power Behind a Unique Design

  • 4.25 pounds
  • Robust 22,000 rpm motor
  • Rechargeable battery can remove up to 150 pieces per charge
  • Pick up waste daily or up to a weeks worth at one time
  • Vacuum suction leaves cleaner grass with less residue
  • No dirty tools or shovels laying around your yard

Pooch Power Replacement Bags

Replacement Bags for the Pooch Power Shovel and Power Picker.

Available in the following quantities:

  • 25 bags
  • 50 bags
  • 100 bags

$ 109.99  and in stock in the store


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4 Responses to Introducing the Pooch Power Shovel (poop scooper vacuum)

  1. Karen

    do you service irobot Roomba vacuums?



  2. Kenneth J Espinosa

    Are these available in pet stores and if so, which pet stores

    • Dan

      Hi Kenneth,
      We sell the pooch power shovel at Affordable Vacuum. Come on in! If you are not local, we can ship it to you.

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