Keeping Your Vacuum Clean During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year for Affordable Vacuum.  Every year customers bring in their vacuums clogged with pine needles and tinsel. It’s not a problem for me to clean out the clog, but owners of a natural tree can save themselves some repair costs by changing the vacuum bag more frequently, and taking care to not vacuum too many needles at one time.

Tree decorations are also a frequent cause of clogs.  Ornament hooks can get knocked off, and are easy to miss when you pick up before you vacuum.  They can immobilize your beater bar, which greatly reduces your vacuum’s ability to remove dust particles from the floor air jordan 12 sale. Another thing to watch out for is the tinsel that doesn’t always stay on the tree where you put it. It’s just doesn’t feel like the holidays until I’ve removed a dozen or so tinsel laden clogs.

A final piece of advice for keeping your vacuum running smooth for the season is to wrap your tree in a big plastic bag before taking it out of the house.  This will cut back on the amount of pine needles that need to be cleaned, and decrease the likelihood of damage to your vacuum.

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