Tell me a little about Sebo. Why have you chosen to sell them in your store?

In 1978, two engineers, with a vision of a cleaning system unlike anything ever produced, founded SEBO in Velbert, Germany. Since then, SEBO has become the manufacturer of the finest quality commercial-grade vacuum cleaners in the world. They are the preferred vacuum cleaner of many hotels, hospitals, universities and government institutions worldwide .  Sebo vacuums are used at the White House and Buckingham Palace!

Like a fine sports car, the Sebo vacuum is manufactured to high specs and is optimized for performance nike air max low price. SEBO vacuums have received awards and recognition from Better Homes and Gardens, Consumer’s Digest, TIME, Real Simple, Wired Test and other magazines.

When it comes to pet and allergy vacuums, it is hard to beat the filtration and cleaning system of a SEBO.

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