Why Buy from a Vacuum Professional Instead of a Big Box Store?

When you come into my store, I will ask a series of questions designed to evaluate your vacuum needs and preferences. There is no one vacuum that meets everybody’s needs.  That is why I carry a selection of vacuums in a wide price range. Some people are fanatical cleaners and others vacuum once a month, if it needs it. Some houses have wool or oriental rugs, some have hardwood floors and a few have shag rugs.  Some people have dogs, cats and children. Some people live alone and always take off their shoes before entering the house. Some people want the best vacuum money can buy and some people want the best vacuum in their price range.

When you shop for a vacuum at a big box or department store, you are depending on the vacuum manufacturer’s advertising to make your selection. The vacuum with the best advertising wins.  I can tell you from experience that some of the best advertisements are for really poor quality vacuums mens new balance 993.  You won’t know that until it is too late. Also, it is well known that “special” products are manufactured for the big box store. These are products that are not available at other stores. The special thing about these products is that they substituted lesser quality components so they could meet the price the big box store was willing to pay for the merchandise.  The products look the same to the buyer, but the quality level is significantly different.

Repair – Big box stores don’t repair vacuums. They only sell them. They learn talking points in order to point you toward the more expensive and better advertised vacuums, but they don’t really know vacuums. I repair vacuums everyday. I know what makes one vacuum better than another. I know which vacuums are better for hardwood, carpet or linoleum. I know which vacuums need more frequent repair. I know which vacuums are worth repairing and which vacuums are essentially disposable. I will tell you when replacing your vacuum will be more cost effective than repairing your vacuum.

Life expectancy of a vacuum – A good quality vacuum should last for many years. I have one customer with a fifty year old vacuum that still cleans better than many newer vacuums. It needed servicing and he asked if it was time to replace the vacuum nike hyperdunk. I could honestly answer that his vacuum still had a few more good years of service to give. All it needed was a good cleaning and a fresh brush roll.  Most vacuums don’t last fifty years. But, I sell many vacuums that have a nice long warrantee. I register your purchase with the manufacturer so you don’t have to keep track of the receipt in order to use the warrantee.

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